Why choose LIAN KUAI?

30 years in International trading

Liankuai is established in 1986 specialized in raw materials such as SBS ,SEBS, PP and etc . For almost a decade Liankuai has devote itself in recycling plastic materials such as PE, PP, and PS.

8 years in plastic recycle production

Unlike many of our competitors we have first hand experience in pelletization. Thus, we are able to provide quick and precise feedback.

Sophisiticated machine to test our quality

Devils are in the details and regardless of the tedious work that comes with recycled materials. We use precious machine from EU and US to provide precious data for our materials.

Steady stream of plastic supplies around the world

We have multiple reliable source from all over the world ranging from EU, US and Southern Asia. Thus, we are able to provide a steady stream of materials and we have latest information across the world.

Our Production Process

We provide quality product
that suit your requirement

The advantage of Liangang Co., Ltd. is to integrate global resources
and continue to provide products with stable quality and more products for customers to choose.

International trading


World resources

Social Responsibility

Liankuai is not only an eco-friendly business but we have also reach out and collaborate with International non-profit organization to dedicate ourselves to beach cleaning and educate the public with recycle. We have work with international organization Love Your Coast from New Zealand and Green Foot from China. In 2018 we’ve collaborate with Indie film maker that produced an Indie film on marine life which was nominated for Indie film festival in Taiwan.

台灣獨立電影 – 海人魚







It is a recycling company that recycles a wide variety of plastics. It includes HDPE, LDPE, PS, PP, PET and more. We have import licenses, processing licenses. We have the equipment to process and generate digitize data to perfect our pellets. Thus, we can provide data for our clients for their production needs.



12F.-1, No.6, Jiantan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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